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Mbamba Bay

The Mbamba Bay Project is located in the south-western corner of Tanzania, some 120 kilometres south-west of Songea. It comprises one licence covering an area of approximately 72 square kilometres.

The geological setting of the project area is dominated by Karoo sediments (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Mbamba Bay Project - Geology and Anomaly Locations

The Mbamba Bay Basin is underlain by the Mbamba Bay Granite (Lower Proterozoic). The outlines of the basin are controlled by block faults which are related to the East African Rift system. The Karoo sediments within the basin (classified Karoo K1 and K2 series) consist predominantly of sandstones, siltstones and shales. To the south-west, the Karoo sediments are overlain by younger sediments and alluvium. The present south-western margin of the Mbamba Bay Basin is defined by the coastline of Lake Nyasa.

A high resolution helicopter-borne radiometric survey completed by the Company at the Mbamba Bay Project in 2007 revealed a suite of eight priority anomaly clusters within a 12km2 zone of anomalous uranium channel radiometric response associated with Karoo age sediments.

Field reconnaissance programs (including geological mapping, ground radiometrics and trenching) subsequently confirmed the presence of sandstone hosted uranium mineralisation at surface throughout an approximately 4km by 1km north-northwest trending corridor (Figure 2). Peak trench intercepts of 1.15m @ 1,116 ppm U3O8 and 2.80m @742 ppm U3O8 were recorded.

Figure 2: Mbamba Bay Project - Detailed Airborne Radiometrics and Trench Locations

For further information, please see the latest Company Report.


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