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Chikangawa Project

The Chikangawa Project is located in northern-central Malawi, some 225km north of the capital Lilongwe. The tenement covers a total area of approximately 120km² of igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Precambrian to Lower Palaeozoic Basement of the Mozambique Orogenic Belt within the Malawi Rift Valley System, which forms part of the greater East African Rift Valley System.

The geological setting of the Project comprises metasediments intruded by a discrete nepheline syenite igneous body. The intrusive is coincident with strong uranium-channel anomalism in airborne radiometric data generated by United Nations Development Program ("UNDP") country-wide surveys undertaken in the mid 1980's (Figure 1). The uranium channel radiometric anomaly is some 6.5km x 4.5km in size, and has a peak response of five times background. Intense deformation is noted around the margins of the intrusive.

The setting is considered highly prospective for peralkaline intrusive-related uranium mineralisation which typically occurs with associated niobium and tantalum mineralisation.

Mantra elected to withdraw from the Chintheche Project in the March quarter due to insufficient encouragement from the exploration results obtained to date.

Chikangawa and Chintheche Projects – Geological Setting and Anomaly Locations
Figure 1: Chikangawa and Chintheche Projects - Geological Setting and Anomaly Locations

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